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Brain Trip

Ika assembles his team. For this mission there is a decker (hacker) named Kroovy a single father of one. Also, there are two highly trained grunts, Razor X and Edge. They are sent to the Corded Inc. facility and enter into the locations data systems seeking any useful information on the suspicious activity.
Once the team sneaks past the guards they access the facilities Terminal access Node. This enables the decker, Kroovy to enter the virtual world and hack the systems.
Some information is downloaded to Kroovy's internal server. He find out that Corded Inc. has a underground section that is kept hidden from the surface and its above ground employees.
Another file is a list of important employees one including Drexel Doc, the lead scientist. Drexel conducts toxic experiments on humans and has developed what he titled “The Fearless Serum.”
One of the other useful files suggests that Admiral Ded is training soldiers into his developing militia called the Pawns of War. On top of that, Kroovy uncovers data on another location within the underground section. A large maintenance bay where they are constructing something called “Project M.D.”
As Kroovy continues he uploads the found data and just before ejecting from the data jack, he sees another high priority file labeled “Project M.D” he opens it hoping to find out what this Project M.D. is and just before he begins to upload an interruption occurs...


Brain Trip (x5)
hacked within
in side of the brain
inside of the brain the brain the brain
inside of the brain

hacked inside of
all the tides of
data that hides some
a billion lied from
web of confusion
the optical illusion
forced conclusion
to the disillusion
seeking proof of the unseen truth
twisted youth
twisted truth!

Brain Trip (x5)
hacked within
inside of the brain
inside of the brain the brain the brain
inside of the brain.

data has been uncovered
as knowledge has been discovered
mysteries are unfolding
mysteries are withholding
no speeches, no debates, secrets are unfolding
reality is scolding
while new vision are molding
lost confused but it is all now unfolding
experiments are molding into a mass destructive withholding
Where am I?
Is this real?
My brain is now unfolding
Get me out from the pain- from the locked up insane!


from Rise of the Metal Dragon, released August 31, 2016
Danny Pyrate



all rights reserved


Bio System Overstress Rochester, New York

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