Facility Infiltration

from by Bio System Overstress

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Once all the information was recovered on Kludge's last investigation and the unveiling of Admiral Ded's plans to initiate Day of the Ded, an attack on our own planet, Ika decides that they need to destroy Metal Dragon before its too late. Kludge on the other hand disagrees. He feels strongly about taken Metal Dragon. He feels that if they take it they can use it for protection, or to take out this dangerous group of creatures on the moon. In his mind, it will be easy if he gets in touch with Sub Machine Punk and lets her know everything Kludge discovered. Ika absolutely hates that idea and thinks that Sub Machine Punk will rat on them on the investigations will be over far before they can do anything about it....
On his own time, Kludge goes against Ika's will and hacks Sub Machine Punk's tablet journal that she used for personal purposes throughout the years working on Metal Dragon. They communicate through the tablet journal. He tells her everything, the hiring of a new pilot to take Metal Dragon to the moon, Admiral Ded's agreement to trade in Metal Dragon for a newly discovered power source developed by a small group he calls the “Creatures of the Moon”, the toxic mutations and failed experiments in Drexel's science department, the Pawns of War and their false memory implants as well as them being injected with “The Fearless Serum,” and everything else leading up to the final attack on Earth by Admiral Ded. The event he calls, “Day of the Ded”
When SEPRENT I assembles and plans out their mission to physically sneak inside the facility and go below with pure stealth, Kludge's secret to take over resides in his mind. They arm up with weapons with blades, laser pistols and pulse rifles (as a back up in case the stealth mission fails) They don their stealth suits and head to the castle of fear.


Infiltrate the base
Intelligence developing
cybernetic investigation
secrets are unfolding
constructing the Pawns of War
the "fearless" militia
built from toxic mutations
of the D.E.A.D Corporation

Four years of building
a weapon of power
the next worlds destroyer
a mechanical dragon
a deal for more power
trading with a race of
creatures of the moon
creatures of the moon


from Rise of the Metal Dragon, released August 31, 2016
Danny Pyrate



all rights reserved


Bio System Overstress Rochester, New York

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