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Ika's Tablet Entry following the events of Kroovy's demise.

Kroovy fought back, the cyber security entity got a hold on Kroovy;s cyberware. The cyberware connected to Kroovy's brain began to overheat. Kroovy was then faced with a choice to either continue the virtual battle or to jack out. He continues because he feels that he was so close to hacking their defense systems to uncover the Project M.D. File. As moments passed, the risk of physical overstress upon his body increases. Kroovy pushed his attack software to their maximum potential which triggers the cyberware to tap into his external physical body systems (his bioware). Bioware is the body enhancements to his physical form as opposed to the cyberware which is his virtual software. The bioware is directly connected to his brain and nerve systems as well as his heart...
The clock continued to click when suddenly a massive electrical shock to Kroovy's body interrupts the battle. He was thrown to the ground, while still connected to the Terminal Access Node. As his bioware kicked in like a back up battery, it pushed hard to fight the attacks on his cyberware. Kroovy's heart began to pound faster. A heart attack then occurred. Razor X gets to his knees to check on him, knowing there isn't much he can do at this point that would be critical to Kroovy as he was in critical shape and in severe pain as it is. If he remained jacked into the terminal Access Node, he would continue to be attacked by the virtual security system and his bioware will continue to try its best to overcome the failure of his cyberware only making his condition worse and he would surely die. On top of that, if the bioware continues to push the defense software, it will alert the facilities external alerts causing a loud alarm to go off. This will cause the guards from the physical world to be alerted and they would know that there was a cyber attack risking them to be caught. The other option was to jack him out right then and there. If his comrades eject him from the system they will avoid alerting the guards in the physical world and their mission would be a complete waste, however Kroovy would have still died. They only have one choice. They pulled the plug. Prior to the battle, Kroovy was able to upload some of his found data to their master server that Ika has direct access to.

Toxic experiments were developed by lead scientist Drexel. All failed experiments AKA “the bad mutations” were sent to be recovered or killed off. They were the rejects. All successful experiments were sent to the training division and were then ejected false memory implants. These implants were taken from military soldiers of the past built upon years of battles and wars until the World Peace Treaty of 2053 was signed. They train Admiral Ded's Pawns of War to be elite soldiers and know all kinds of war tactics.
Another project called Project M.D. Is still unknown to us. It must be a big project, when Kroovy hacked the file, it was brought to our attention on a hidden security node, that Kroovy overlooked- we will be better prepared next time.

I will contact Kludge and try to persuade him into to join SERPENT I as he was trained by his father.




from Rise of the Metal Dragon, released August 31, 2016
Danny Pyrate



all rights reserved


Bio System Overstress Rochester, New York

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