Theft of the Metal Dragon

from by Bio System Overstress

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As SERPENT I slithers its way through the valley of freedom and deep into the castle of fear, they use all of their skills from hacking security cameras, unlocking mag locks and putting the sleeper hold on guards making them pass out.
They may be below the surface, however the underground facility goes so deep that they are about 3 stories from ground level. Razor X and Edge question why they are not going deeper. Kludge tells them he is in far enough and they can leave. At this point, they know what he is up to, and try to stop him. Kludge persuades them to leave right away to avoid conflict as he knows there will be conflict when they activate Metal Dragon.
Kludge heads into the maintenance bay by a door. This is where he and Sub Machine Punk planned to meet at the highest level, on the platform right by the cock pit access in the head of Metal Dragon. They enter Metal Dragon. Sub Machine Punk does a few things on the control panels prior to starting up the steel beast. She pulls out her arm display communicate link and opens the bay doors that access a tunnel spiraling upwards. As soon as the bay doors open guards below begin to become frantic and question whats going on. A few more buttons are hit and lights turn on within the tunnels. A few moments pass and Sub Machine Punk's communication link starts transmitting Admiral Ded's voice. He questions whats going on and that he didn't give any orders to start it up.
Sub Machine Punk commences the launch sequence. As the power thrusts lift Metal Dragon a few yards from the ground, its loud hissing sound echoes across the bulkheads of the facility walls. Railings and the platforms vibrate. A few moments pass, Kludge enters the turret underneath the bottom section of Metal Dragons long mouth. Sub Machine Punk, still in the cockpit, straps her safety belt on, hits a few more buttons an Metal Dragon hovers high from the ground. As it spins around 180 degrees to face the exit tunnels maintenance scaffolds running up the body of Metal Dragon crumble down to the floors below. Kludge fires the high caliber machine guns at the Pawns of War below. Some guards are able to take cover from the bullets and debris. Admiral Ded announces on the loud speaker to fire at them.
The doors to the top platform open as Admiral Ded runs to the edge of the platform but its too late. By the time he reaches the edge, Metal Dragon soars away into the exit tunnels.
The wide tunnels continue upwards as Metal Dragon rapidly makes way. As they near the top, Sub Machine Punk opens the next set of hanger bay doors. They open and Metal Dragon flies out into the clouds above.
Razor X and Edge escape into the forest to head to their chopper miles away. As Metal Dragon flies above, they stop to take in what they see.


Thoughts of deduction
destroy the obstruction
weapon of destruction
to protect from obstruction
from obstruction


from Rise of the Metal Dragon, released August 31, 2016
Danny Pyrate



all rights reserved


Bio System Overstress Rochester, New York

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